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An abundance of extraordinary wooden tables, viagra generic treat forged chairs, cialis usa shop woven mats, patient hand-thrown pots in dazzling iridescence and brightly colored Haitian paintings, the garden scene is almost overwhelming to the senses and one is obliged to sit under a tree and watch a red-tailed hawk swirl in the sky while listening to gentle splashes from a number of curious and graceful fountains.
Gillberg’s very lack of formal dogma allows him to mix mediums and indulge in a style that ranges from medieval to classical with the occasional touch of whimsy.
“What’s my aesthetic?” he responded to the question, with a smile. “Oh, I don’t know. Look at the work. You can figure it out.”-Carl Gillberg

Shown in Malibu Times

“In 1969 I was running a crew boat off an oil rig in Santa Barbara. When the well blew out, I suddenly found myself without a job.I had just bought this property and wanted to be able to bring up my family here. I had always been good with my hands, and my mother had encouraged me to take interest in the arts

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. While I was living in Chile, I carved wood and bamboo figurines with the Easter Islanders. When I moved here, I began to work in every conceivable medium and found that my work became my life.”-Carl Gillberg

Shown in Architectural Digest