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Gillberg Design has had its work featured around the globe in homes, hotels and galleries. Mixing elegance with functionality, our designs have brought a flash of beauty normally not seen in practical housewares and light fixtures, helping to transform average rooms into exquisite showrooms.

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New Products for 2014



Serviette  Pendants

Beautiful clear frosted glass pendants made by hand in our Malibu studio, new for 2014. This tactile piece, fashioned like loosely draped fine cotton serviette, looks delicate but our 3/8 inch, pencil-edged glass ensures practicality.  Our Serviette Pendant can be uniquely personalized with vibrant colored assembly options for the light fitting.  All fittings are UL approved. Tip: Add different colored light bulbs to enjoy limitless moods from one product.


burundanga-4745053510_1a101b521c 2ImageIMG_8046IMG_8043IMG_8057IMG_8060IMG_8052IMG_8049448px-BrugmansiaIMG_8047Image 2Angel's Trumpet 2


Angel’s Trumpet  Pendants

Lovely is what comes to mind with our stunning  Trumpets.  Amber, Clear Frosted, violet 1in. thick glass pendants made by hand also new for 2014.  Whether in a cluster or hanging by themselves Our Angel trumpets shine.  Inspired by the Burundanga Tree’s hanging flowers; these pendant handsomely adorn any room they fill.


large garden lampsImage 9Image 13Image 8Image 20Image 15


Large Garden Bell  Pendants

Like welcome spirits in the night our garden bell pendants can illuminate indoors as well as outdoors.  Large Slumped glass bells made by hand in our Malibu Studio will enchant with a modesty only a giant possesses.  Our Garden Bell Pendants are influenced by the beauty of nature. Perfect for the garden and special events, it’s timeless elegance and cleans lines add an easy elegance. These pieces work both as stand-alone, statement pendants, or as part of a cluster. Colour options include red, amber, Frosted white.


Large Gothic Planter


Octagonal  Antique Planter


Octagonal Copper Planter


Octagonal Jardiniere  Vases


Octagonal  Sphere Planter


Tall Floor Vases


Tall Floor Vases


Tall Floor Vase

Tall Floor Vase

Monumental Garden Vase

Camelot Jardiniere Planter

Camelot Jardiniere Planter

Camelot Jardiniere  Planter

Conical Jardiniere Steel Vessel

Ash Urn


Bronze Chandelier No.1

Sling Wall Sconce

White Bronze Wall Sconce

White Bronze Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce No.1 White

Trensa Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce No.1, Amber

Large Garden Pendants

Large Garden Pendants Red

Yoke & Tube Bronze Chandelier

Tube Light Chandeliere No.3

Tube Light Chandeliere No.2

Saturn Torchere Table Lamp

Torchere Console Lamps

Saturn Torchere Floor Lamp

Venus Bronze Table Lamp

Venus Bronze Table Lamp

Saturn Floor Lamp

Flame Bronze Table Lamp

Flame Bronze Floor Lamp


Camelot Sofa Table

Camelot III Occasional Table

Camelot III Occasional Table Set of Three

Trensa Console Table,  Glass Top
Height. All Sophia III Contemporary Console Table Bases available in Various Finishes. All glass tops sold separately.” alt=”" src=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ height=”150″ />

Sophia III Contemporary Console Base

Sophia IV Contemporary Console  Base

Sophia II Contemporary Dining Room  Base


Arches Contemporary Coffee Table

Sophia V Contemporary Dining Base

Sophia I Contemporary Dining Base

Trensa Dining Room Table

Edo Marble Sofa Table

Angelique Occasional Side Table

Sophia II Contemporary Dining  Base

Vineyard Tables

Walnut base

Sophia Walnut Tables Base


Custom Tall Ceramic Jars

Custom Large Vase Design

Custom Ceramic Jar

Amphora Vase

Ceramic Bronze Luster Vase

Ammonite Inverted Silver Leaf  Charger

Ammonite Silver Leaf  Charger

Stream Charger Antique Silver Leaf

Caracol Decorative Charger Glass Bowl

Stream Semi-Frosted Glass

Camelot bowl  in Antique Silver

Camelot Sink Bowl


Manzanita Coffee Table Base

Console Table Base

Manzanita Side Table Base

Manzanita Side Table Base

Manzanita T-Table

Bronze Manzanita Candelabra


Saturn Table Candelabra

Ocotillo Hammered Steel, Candelabra

Saturn Table Candelabra

Seaforms Bronze Candelabra

Table Trumpet Candelabra

 Console Buffet


Fire Dogs (Log Holders)

Fire Dogs, Classic Bronze=

Saturn Fireplace Wood Rack

Saturn Fireplace Tools

Conical Pedestal Sink

Modern Table Top Pyramid Sculpture


Our gallery of work includes vases and urns, custom exotic wood dining room tables, buffets, Jardinières, light fixtures, and chandeliers. Whether you need a high-end custom end table or dining room set, or beautiful centerpieces or candelabras, Gillberg Design can craft a custom piece of art by request. Skilled in ceramics, glass, and a variety of other materials, our functional art will be perfect for your space, as we can skillfully draw up pieces that are unique to your vision and sensibility. From our experience, customization has proven to be a boon for both the client and us.Browse our gallery photos for more examples of what Gillberg Design can create for you. For more information about custom functional art by Gillberg Design, contact us by phone, (310) 457-1768 or email us at , for a quote and information concerning custom design work today.You can also download our portfolio to see more of Gillberg Design’s functional art for yourself. Download Complete Portfolio PDF